Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Loading Buttons to Blogger Via Hello

Having confessed my pathetic computing abilities to certain fellow bloggers, how much harm can there be to confessing to all the people who read this? I had read the directions for loading a button graphic and making a link; but the problem was finding a spot on the web to place the graphic. That was the one hole in the process.

I don’t have a web page. After all, I’m running a free account through Blogger. So I needed to find a way to figure out where Hello put my pictures.

I loaded a picture that I planned to delete anyway, so if something happened and it vanished into the ether, then nothing of any importance would be lost. After loading and posting via Hello, I reopened the post.

Up popped all the HTML coding, which I copied and pasted into a Word document. Suspenders, and a belt, and a pair of pants underneath, I know.

I located the source code, and copied that information, since the only thing that would be different is the name of the object. Just like any other file with multiple documents in the file. I uploaded the button with Hello just like a picture.

I then went to the template page, cut and pasted the source code I had copied, and changed the name of the object. I added the code to make the link live, et viola! (And cello? Maybe bass viol? Heck, the whole chamber orchestra.) It worked.

1 comment:

Knitting Marsha said...

Isn't it great when us mere mortals figure out something that the HTML gods have done for ages?! What a great idea you came up with.