Wednesday, April 06, 2005

No French Hens, Thanks

Today tastes like vanilla, coconut and candied lime peels. A sweet green new day full of promises.

More on the birthday without end—I received a metric boatload of ATC’s from the birthday databases of the lists I subscribe to. The mailman may never forgive me, but his chiropractor will certainly never forget me. (Hey, another card!!!)

Of course, my favorites were the ones that had nothing whatsoever to do with birthdays. I’m just ornery that way. (Please do realize that “ornery” and “ennui” rhyme in these ‘yere parts.) But of course, the Pinata of Pleasure is intimately tied to the Guilt Stick (Whap! Whap! Whap!) and so now I have the need to pay it back by doing cards for birthdays meself.

I try to set myself challenges when doing cards because otherwise I will never get to the corners of stuff. That is, I will packrat things away to be used later, except we know “later” never comes. At least, not until you open Fibber McGee’s closet and all the scraps of paper, dried up glitter glue pots, and miscellaneous photo bits rain down upon your wee head. So I’ll set myself a challenges such as “Use all the bitty bits remaining of this watercolor.” “Go through this magazine, and use up all the full page ads.” “Use this pile of interesting photos somehow.” So the last challenge was to use up interesting photos/full page ads that were too big to fit well onto ATC’s.

I was leafing through a quilting book (I was telling the Dowager Empress Odie-Bird the other day that one should always look through anything interesting [trust your inner mongoose] because inspiration could come from anywhere. I have no interest in learning to paint, but I have many lush backgrounds because I’ve looked through watercolor books, and tried some washes and spatter/flow ideas.) and saw some embellishments regarding woven strips and cut outs. “Hmmm,” says I, “I can do that with paper.” So I made several weavings with paper strips sliced fine.

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