Monday, October 31, 2005

Four Letter Words

Today tastes like carrot bread, with butter that's a bit too salty and wispy with garlic. So close. So far.

Hold Fast. Love Hate. Give Take. Hell Bent.

Knitting progress proceeds apace, but I didn't realize before that a half-hour knitting on the commute in does not equal a half-hour knitting in the lobby before heading to the office. Maybe it's the stoplight knitting on the way home--no, because I get forty-five minutes on the ride back. But you couldn't prove it by the current carry-me, the Ostrich Plumes blanket.

Knit Geek. Lost Soul. Evil Twin.

I'd get a full ball knit up in a week before. Now it looks like it will take three. Maybe I can get some done in and among the trick-or-treating this evening. We've decided that since First Consort Gareth will be barbequeing in the backyard, I'll be the lucky one answering the door. It's nice out, so I'll sit on the front porch with my easy knitting. Maybe I'll bring along a basket of yarn to hide the candy in, and first offer balls and hanks as treats.

Fabulist. Aesthete. Eloquent.

Maybe next year I'll get my act together and get an old-fashioned rocking chair, one that really rocks and terrifies the cats. (I want one anyway.) I'd wear my Doc Martens, prop a fake shotgun behind me, put on a bonnet, drop a shawl over my shoulders, and sit and knit and pass out treats. Maybe.

Autocrat. Demented. Seraphic.

I've determined that the next project for me will be a pair of lacy wool fingerless mitts. I have an acrylic pair, but the wind goes right through acrylic. My hands are really sensitive to the cold, and stiffen right up when I drive in to work with the top down. The wind just hits right on the steering wheel at ten and two.

Elvenite. Eligiast. Matadore.

And that will help. However, that's just a short-term fix. The project I have in mind after that will take substantially longer--but the results will be more satisfactory.

Modalist. Optimist. Pedantic.

I want a pair of fingerless Sanquahar gloves. And I want to work in knuckle tattoos across the backs of the fingers. Why? Because I can, that's why. And the juxtaposition of biker icon and handknit glove appeals to me somehow.

Depraved. Diabolic. Sylvatic.

Hence the collection of four and eight letter words. Because I have a feeling I'm going to be knitting and wearing fingerless gloves for some time to come, and I want my list right here where I can find it later.

Euphoria. Serenity. Ecstatic.

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