Friday, May 04, 2007

. . . And They All Stink (1)

Today tastes like butter, garlic, chocolate, and Brussels Sprouts. Did they close the state home for the Incurably Moronic and I didn't get the memo??

But that's another rant, and will pass as soon as I finish my coffee and forget about the idjits who receive driver's licenses in Cracker Jack boxes. There. There, it's leaving already.

I wanted to clamber up on my soapbox to talk about excuses. I'm as guilty as the next person as far as making excuses why I'm not doing what I will with my one true and precious life, and so far as I'm concerned, that's gotta stop. I figure if I notice this with other folks, it might make me more sensitive to when I start up with that--and thus, allow me to perceive the mote in my eye and DO something about it.

And what triggered this one? A member of a list posted about a number of things, including her desire to dye her hair pink and purple, but then closed with "But I'm too old and fat to do that."

Excuse me? Yes, pretty much every woman would like to be slimmer, and many women of a certain age would like to be younger, but what in the hell does either have to do with your choices in hairstyle/color?

Would it make you happy to do something outrageous with your appearance? Something that says you aren't dead yet? Then do it--ESPECIALLY if it's something as ephemeral as hair. Hair grows back, for pity grief. The worst that will happen is you will dye it pink and purple, and then hate it.

So what? Have it recolored, have it shaved off. It's not like a tattoo on your forehead. You've made no permanent commitment to it. It's HAIR. I'm hoping Manic Panic doesn't close its doors before I'm a white-haired little old lady, because I plan to color my white hair with the most vivid colors that are flattering to my skin. If I can wear cobalt/amethyst/acid green without looking washed out, then my HAIR will be cobalt. Or amethyst. Or acid green. And if I match my purse and shoes to my hair, I just hope that you understand it's a campy and ironic statement, rather than a "matchy-matchy" compulsion. Not that it matters to me whether you get it or not.

And that's just one place where people let their buts get in the way of realizing thier small dreams. If it's not going to hurt anyone, including yourself, then why aren't you doing it? Why are you sitting on your 'but' and wishing while the days of your one life pass by?

1. This must be a first--a footnoted title. See, I have a pal who has an even harder stance than mine when it comes to the pity pot (as in shit or get off the . . .) Whenever someone says, "I would, but . . " her response is always, "Everyone has a but, and they all stink."


Janice in GA said...

Ya know, I struggle with that as I get older. I'm now 54. On the inside, I don't *feel* old, but I'm sure startin' to look it. And I know you've seen folks that just look pitiful because they're trying to still "look young" even though they're not anymore. So I think there's kind of a fine line to tread there. If your personality continues sharp and vivid so that you can WEAR pink hair without looking like you're trying to reclaim the youth you've lost, do it. But not everybody can do it and be successful at it. And you have to be willing to be considered "that weird old woman down the street."

You might have to pass through middle-age before you can do it successfully. People probably would take that kind of eccentricity more willingly from someone old than from someone just middle-aged.

Just thinkin' out loud...

Spike said...

Janice, it may depend on HOW one decides to rebel. If it's not in step with the yout' of today, one might be better able to get away with it.

I'm beginning to face the start of the "invisible years" -- too old to be young, sexy, and marketable; too young to be marketed TO with pills and potions and aluminum siding. < sings> "Cellophane, madame, cellophane . . ."

Besides, the last line of that hoary cliche'd poem does say that the writer is going to start TODAY, so as not to shock everyone when she DOES get old and wear purple. < grin>

altermyworld said...

You my freakisk circus friend are simply a genius, I love your blog. I read this post and thought "why am i waiting to do that pink streak in my hair?
We oft times go through life thinking we have forever to do something and even worse thinking oh if only i was prettier or skinnier and we put life on hold.
We don't have tomorrow do we? We have now and hopefully post like these will cause us to stop dead in our tracks and have the courage to do.
Just an FYI i started wearing light blue eye shadow and vright pink just because. And it looks right on!!!

Susan said...

As an "almost" sixty-five year old who got a tattoo on my back shoulder last month (my son and I had agreed getting tattoos would be our rewards for losing weight...we didn't lose the weight but since I was visiting him in CA we got them anyhow), I say live for yourself, as long as it doesn't injure anyone else. This is the time of life when anything goes, or should go. I do see the point in what janice says in that stretching boundaries is not for everyone. But if you feel the urge, go for it! Tho' no one can see my tattoo, I know it's there, and it gives me a sort of secret pleasure to know there's a part of me that's still kicking up my heels. And the tradition is mom got her ears pierced at age 75, to the delight of all her grandchildren who were on their 3rd or 4th ear holes!

Asana Bear said...

Great post. I do think the worry of "I'm too old" kinda misses the point. The point isn't to do this stuff or any other stuff to "look young" - its to have fun without worrying about folks who should mind they're own business anyway. Me, I don't want pink hair. But a tatoo...