Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ten Things to Remember

1. You were able to spend a whole day saying goodbye.

2. You were there when she died, petting her and talking to her.

3. She waited for you.

4. You did everything you could for her. Nothing prevents old age.

5. You were able to take her home, clean her up, and bury her with her favorite toys.

6. She lived a long life with safe places to sleep, plenty of food to eat, and the monkey of her choosing.

7. The curse is: they die before we do. We remain to mourn.

8. The blessing is: they die before we do. We get to hold thier whole lives in ours.

9. Of course you miss her. That's because you loved her.

10. Where doesn't matter. She's as much with you now as ever she was.


amyfibre said...

You are so, so right. Wishing you the strength to remember...these things and all the happy times. I'm so sorry....

Judith said...

We sad goodbye to our beloved 20 year old cat just about a year ago, and this brings tears to my eyes. I keep re-reading it because although it makes me cry, I find it comforting.

fillyjonk said...

Crap, now I'm crying too.