Friday, February 26, 2010

Knitalongs 2010--The Ravelympics Post

Today tastes like ice and coffee, wet wool and fabric softener, fingernails and gold medals.

I loves me a time-bound knitalong (KAL), as all y'all know, where the participants select a project and then click away in an attempt to beat the clock. I'm the world's worst participant in a KAL where we're all making the same thing--I don't think I've ever managed to start at the start or finish near the finish--but give me a deadline and I'm golden.

So when Ravelry annonced the Ravelympics (winter 2010) I was so there. A chance to join a team and win some pixels? Count me in.

So I signed on for Team MmarioKknits (Mmario is an internet famous designer of amusing lace shawls--come join the beta-knitting fun at MmarioKknits) and planned my project--a double-down triangle in a variegated purple with the sober appellation of Li'l Bunny Foo-Foo. Yes, as in hare today, goon tomorrow.

17 days to knit a lace shawl, starting with the lighting of the Olympic torch and ending at midnight the day of closing ceremonies. Made it, with time to spare:

And, by virtue of completion before the deadline, won the following:

Next up, a personal challenge to knit a shawl for Lent. (Why yes, I know we're two weeks through the season. When has common sense ever stopped me? Have I told you about the lace stockings I plan to knit for the World Cup? I tell ya, Christmas knitting projects may be a piece of cake after this year of intensive training.)

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