Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Table Turned (Part Two)

"Philadria Duntisbourne" dashed into the classroom, clutching a small bouquet of transfigured Queen Anne’s Lace with a green tassle. “I picked these especially for you, Professor,” she said, presenting the finished project . “Daucus Carota, an umbelliferous plant. This is the pink variation—quite uncommon.”

Professor Harkiss took the bouquet from the firstie and smiled. “I’d hear you wanted to learn to crochet,” she said, “and what a nice job you’ve done! Now, of course, if a Slytherin was to hand in such a little project …” she left the sentence menacingly unfinished.

Philandria curtseyed gracefully. “Thank you ever so much, Professor,” she said brightly, rising and turning to leave.

Harkiss waved to the firstie’s retreating back, wondering for a moment if being surrounded by all the greenery wasn’t affecting her eyes. She could have sworn for a moment that the Griffindor was wearing green-trimmed robes …

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