Sunday, September 02, 2012

A Table Turned (Conclusion)

Professor Umbridge had just finished teaching her class and was settling down to begin grading when the door burst open and Spike marched briskly in, followed by Begonia Hoddington. Professor Umbridge smiled widely. “Why, Spike,” she purred sardonically, “It’s always such a pleasure to see you here. Are you trying for an OWL in Detention? You’re certainly leaning that way.” To Prefect Hoddington, she asked, “And what has our naughty little snake done this time, hmm?”

“She was impersonating a Griffindor. Philandria Duntisbourne, actually. We suspect she used polyjuice potion.”

“Indeed? One could almost commend such studiousness if it were only applied to books, and safe forms of learning. Theory, Miss Spike, not the more … practical aspects you seem so fond of.”

“Yes, Professor,” Spike mumbled. “I’ll just take my customary seat, shall I?”

“Yes, dear. I believe you know where the special quills are?”

Spike nodded, slouching over and selecting one. Better to get a sharp one if you could, it hurt less and carved deeper.

Later that night in the Dungeon, Mallory Chambers spotted Spike. “Hey, I heard you got Detention for playing that polyjuice potion trick on Griffindor. How come you’re out so early?”

Spike smiled. “I just happened to have a little goodie for Professor Umbridge—a lovely pair of complex socks in her favorite color.”


Chambers thought for a moment. “Wasn’t that the pink yarn we used to mop up the Amortentia spill last month?”

Spike grinned. “Yup. Professor Umbridge—or ‘Lolly’ as I am now to call her—apparently has a new class pet.” She sipped her absinthe, admiring the opal over emerald. “Of course, until she’s WASHED those socks a few times.”

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