Sunday, March 03, 2013

A Fascinating Hat

Spike looked over her parchment.  Short and sweet, she thought, fingering the Highest of Merit badge she had earned in History of Magic with her study of a wizarding fashion icon, and the fetching hat she had produced for the practical part of the homework.  But not too shabby, for all that.

Slytherin House
Inspired by a Wizarding Style Icon

Ulric the Oddball’s jellyfish was deemed passe by the Mannerists, especially those influenced by the Durmstrang school of Wizardry (the Ill Mannerists, as they were styled). One of them, a Zen monk as well as an artist, Rinpoche Kumi Himo, was said to have found enlightenment while swimming in the ocean and encountering a violent, orange cephalopod.

He was able to reason with the beast, and ever after they were found in communion, with the octopus riding the monk. I have created this fascinating hat in Rinpoche Himo’s memory.

In the immortal words of the master, “I have an octopus on my head. Your argument is irrelevant.”

She folded the parchment and pictures of herself into a small package to send home for Matya and Atyets.  They'll be so proud of me. The award would hang on the wall of her dormitory, and go home with her later, at break. 

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