Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Letter Home

Spike leaned on one elbow, pondering the parchment.  She hadn't written home since the term started, and this was one term she really didn't want her parents calling in to find out what was going on.  She sighed.  They know me too well, she thought.  Any time it gets too quiet . . .

So, a note and a trinket would suffice to keep things quiet.  She hoped.

Dearest Mats and Atyets--

School proceeds apace; I am looking forward to returning home to Schadelthron for the break. Yes, even though you will undoubtedly set me among the roving felinity to help watch over the clowder. I have been a mentor this term at Hogwarts; herding cats holds no terrors for me. Jesper should only know how lucky he is.

I enclose this cushion top made in purple.

I hear you ask why purple, when the House livery here is green and silver. Purple is the color of school unity, to remind us that while we have been sorted into towers and dungeons, we are all still here in this together. Much like the herd of cats--each one going his own direction, but gently guided into cooperation.

Totenberg thanks you for the fruitcake you sent. I have attempted to talk the house elves into leaving him the bones from the kitchens to chew on, but after that unfortunate incident with Tinker last term, they are still somewhat wary.

To the greater honor and glory--
-- Nikolevnischka “Spike” von Schaedelthron

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