Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Phoenix Reborn, Part Seven

"It can wait till tomorrow,"  Totenberg growled, as is certainly looked like his little mistress was going to run up the stairs despite the late hour.  Fifteen minutes to lights out, and she'd be climbing the spinning staircases to get to Gryffindor Tower, pounding on the door and yelling for Duntisborne.  Never thinking that at best it would look like a duel being called--and what kefluffle that would cause!  Hope she learn some sense of subtlety and proportion -- and may the gods grant that it be soon.

"She'll be worried --"

"She know that if a student go missing, it be all over the grapevine.  She know that if you go over to the other side--"  at her aghast expression, he spelled it out.  "You on one side, have to be at least one other.  If you go over to the other side, then too late to do anything about it now.  So!  Can wait till breakfast."

Breakfast seemed to take an eternity to come, but the gong finally rang, and Spike got into line to go down to the Great Hall, with the pin firmly fastened to the band of her hat.  She figured that was the easiest explanation; that she'd attached it to her hat and then hadn't seen it go off, there up on top of her head.  Sure enough, she had sat down in the middle of a mob of green when Philandra came over, dressed in Quidditch robes.

"There you are," she caroled gaily, pausing to take a scone from the tower in the middle of the table.  "Hadn't seen you around for a bit -- going to the big match this Wednesday?"

Stalling for time, Spike sipped her pumpkin juice.  "Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff, isn't it?  Winner plays Slytherin?  Wouldn't miss it for the world."

"Good!  I'll look forward to seeing you in the stands, then, and at the victory party after, right?"  The look in Philandra's eyes made it clear that the "victory party" would have precious little to do with the outcome of the match -- or indeed, with Quidditch at all.

"You bet!"  Spike hoped her smile looked more convincing than it felt.  "I just have some  . . . Transfiguration homework to attend to before then."  She hoped the spin she put on "Transfiguration" would be enough of a signal.

"Mmmm.  Homework is important; but I'd really appreciate your being there.  Try not to be too late."

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