Monday, March 21, 2005

One of THOSE Days . . .

Today tastes like salt, and sand, and paper. I'm coming down with my boss's cold, and yet I'm not quite ill enough to justify staying home.

To top things off, the Big Bad Muse really likes the little gem of an idea, and is starting to make suggestions in the form of full blown sentences and elbows to the ribs. Which is awkward when one makes one's living with words, as they creep to the forebrain and try to sneak down the fingertips into sentences where they just don't belong.

Probate and swords'n'sorcery fantasy are a bad mix.

Had a good weekend, at least. I actually stuck to my list, more or less. Each Friday I make a list of what I want to accomplish over the weekend, and each Sunday, I look back at what I thougth I wnated and laugh because none of it actually made it through the prioritizer come Saturday morning (or even Friday night, sometimes).

I finished up some fiber ATC's. I tried my hand at shisha embroidery for the first time in . . . uhm . . . must be fifteen years now. Not fantabulous, but worth trading. Got them out the door with a sense of accomplishment this morning. Rediscovered my love of those bad bad beads, and found a variant on the lazy squaw technique that works well; fast, yet secure. And beaded words and patterns in bright vari-colored silver-lined twinklies look really really good against a white on white tapestry. Making more of those for random swappage, now that one set is done for the planned trade.

Picture? Nope. The digital camera doesn't like the focus length I do. I want to be able to get the whole series in (fercryinoutLOUD, it's only 9, small enough to fit on an 8.5 x 11.5 sheet of paper! But no, by the time I'm close enough for the cards to be seen in detail, I can only get three-four in the shot. When I back away enough to get all of them in [in focus, that is] I'm too far away for you to see anything. Oh, more of Spike's little black things. Or does she just need to clean the lens again?) I want a scanner. A second hand scanner even. Just one that I could use to scan my cards in color and then post pics with. Are you listening, o benevolent universe?

And yes, I gave in to my startitis and began another Linus blanket with some yarn that followed me home from the last blanket bee. Big needles with many strands of fine weight yarn (fingering to lace) in soft pastels. When one skein runs out, tie another in. The effect is of very soft dreamy stripes running across the width of the piece.

I'm having a hard time with the latest project for Terpsichoire. On a lace list, someone proposed a moebius scarf where you began with a few stitches of faggoting worked in a long strip, then picked up stitches along the edge, giving it a Bordhi-style half-twist to make the moebius "moeb". You would then work your lace along the sole edge remaining, and that way you would automatically have the symmetry as the lace would sprout from each side of the faggot.

The problem is that the faggoting strip has to be like four feet long. That's an AWFUL lot of purse stitch. Bleh. And then the tedium process of picking up stitches, and then the long long rows afterwards . . . and to top it off, I'm not at all certain that the faggot strip is long enough, even at four feet. Yick. So I'm about ready to toss the idea on the back burner for a bit, and maybe use it for something else some other time. Yes, it would be elegant. Yes, it would be knitterly. No, I don't have the patience for it right now. I want to be knitting lace and watching something grow, something I know will work the first time. So there.

I finished the back of the raglan cardi I'm working on. Woooo hooo, it's a big black blob. I'm about three-quarters of the way to the armhole decrease on the front. Woooo hooo, another smaller black blob. Maybe I'll send up pics once I get a sleeve done--two black blobs and a blue blob.

Headin' fer my beddin'. Maybe tomorrow will be less muddled. Or enough more so that I could stay home and plot.

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