Thursday, March 31, 2005

100 at last!

I started this list a while ago, when someone on another list posited what you would be missing in your life if you didn't craft. I started listing what holes there would be, and when I hit 25 in nearly as many seconds, I realized I had some serious blog-fodder--if I weeded out all the repeats. Thus began the quest for 100, based on those ubiquitous "100 things about me" lists. I mean really, do you come here to find out my hair and eye color???

Installment 1 is here; 2 is here, 3 is here and the last part is below. I may have to pull this together and slap it on my sidebar. Or not.

76. Just look at the vocabulary I’d have missed!
77. The shared mythos of the cats
78. The foreboding sense of doom when I finish a project for Terpsichore and
wonder if I can pull it off again, or if the well is truly dry
79. The swimming head when ideas flow faster and faster
80. The dry feeling when I begin making the physical project after having thought it out for weeks
81. The low when you see you pulled out maybe 85% of your vision (I want it ALL, dammit!)
82. The high when you actually get 95% out in the real world
83. The ecstasy when you get 75% of what was in your head--but it's BETTER than your vision
84. Living for the times when number 83 actually happens
85. Trading cards and meeting people
86. Characters and plots
87. Would I travel? Probably not.
88. And I wouldn’t have travel journals to make notes of the trips in.
89. Especially not handmade journals.
90. Of which I need to bind another (this should probably be repeated six or eight times.
91. I wouldn’t be exploring a visual vocabulary
92. And let’s not forget my time as an artist’s model
93. And how cool it is to go to a gallery and recognize people’s work BEFORE you see the names
94. And the stories about posing in odd places
95. Like the warm spring day outside the Fine Arts Building
96. And that summer up in the mountains
97. What would I talk about at parties?
98. I wouldn't be an Excel junkie
99. I would, however have enough room at my desk for the computer.
100. But I'd miss the email and snail mail from other countries.

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