Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Another Installment

Today tastes like green apples, potstickers from my favorite Chinese restaurant, and ivory dust. I am so far behind the 8 ball that I am in danger of being crushed, a la Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Posting the third installment of the things I would not have if I did not craft (part one is here and part two is over here).

51. An excuse to sign up for Netflix
52. A reason to collect all the extended DVD’s of movies I love
53. A chance to use the phrase “Muppet merkin”
54. An opportunity to be a Google whack
55. Knowing what the phrase “Google whack” refers to
56. Reasons to travel around the world
57. A heightened tolerance for learning curves
58. That thrilling plunge into a new technique
59. The satisfaction when the light goes on and the directions actually make sense
60. A fascination with minutiae
61. Hagatha, Hagatha, Hagatha!!!
62. The ability to translate anatomy to geometry
63. A use for high school algebra
64. The knowledge that yellow and blue DO NOT make green
65. The glee of “contact acquisition”
66. The high of finishing a technically complex project
67. Having folks to brag to who really, really understand the blood sweat and tears that went into #66
68. Meeting other cross cultural geeks who get jokes about “+2 needles of textile creation” and the role of polyhedral dice in the creation of stochastic cables
69. And what else would I do while I curse this dial-up connection?
70. “Bored” would be a state of mind, not just a word.
71. Knowing where to find obscure information
72. Knowing how to find obscure information—these aren’t at all the same
73. The thrill of pursuing books long out of print
74. The pleasure of possessing a book long before it goes out of print—and then becomes a priceless reference
75. The whipsaw ride of schadenfreude


Pollyanna said...

Re #55 Is a "Google whack" kissin' cousin to a "Google wonk"?

Terry said...

You have been whacked by a goggle? Huh?

Spike said...

Hi guys!

"Whack a Google" was a geekly game running around the 'Net a year or so ago. The way you played was to enter a search string on Google--like "phlegmophagia" or "barnacle geese" and search. The goal was to have Google return one and only one site with those terms. It’s harder than it sounds; Google is pretty comprehensive. You have to balance obscurity with recent activity.

An on-line buddy of mine found the blog and noticed in my post of October 25 “Things the Guru Never Told Me” that I’d used the word “phlegmophagia” in a sentence. Curious, she popped that string into Google’s search engine, and the only site found was Madwoman’s Lunchbox ! Google whack!