Wednesday, January 19, 2005

In the pattern as writ, you move the marker on a particular round to indicate the “new” start stitch. I, um, can’t exactly do that since I’m working in rows.

Fortunately, the place where everything has to line up is easy-peasy and obvious for two rows, and then is easy to mark with safety pins. I plan to take careful notes about what I do here, ‘cause you never know what you’ll wind up using all over again somewhere else. Or doing again for that matter.

Current lust—I want some sweaters for me me me, as I’ve mentioned before. Not just startitis, but the meemees as well. I’m toying with the idea of the magnificent Ms. Burns’ Ribby but with a V neck. I picked up some wool for this late last year (wicked tricksy Smiley’s. We hates them! We hates them! Ooooooh, Paton’s Classic—nice Smiley’s! Nice Internet Yarn Riot.) but am having second thoughts about the colorway I have. I saw burgundy and forest green, and on my monitor they were a nice pinky-blue red and teal. Same shade of blue in each, so they’d be good in one garment. The yarn arrived.

Only Santa or the Subordinate Clause could love these colors. Hooo-ha. They are crayon bright red and green. Ewwwwww.

So now I’m considering getting some pale grey to go with the green, and some black to go with the red . . . and this way lies madness. Ah well.

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