Wednesday, January 05, 2005

New Year's Traditions

For the past four years or so, I’ve finished a project on New Year’s Eve. Admittedly, more than one year has found me clicking away frantically as Dick begins the countdown and the ball drops, but it seems to start the year off on a good note. One fewer WIP in the basket and a smidge more order in the world.

However, this year I’ve not only finished one project on New Year’s Eve, but finished a second during the first week of the new year. If’n I pat myself on the back much longer, I’ll sprain my elbow.

I’ll get pix up this weekend, but for those who are willing to scroll down to October 18, the two that are gone are the alpaca lace hood and the Sunshine and Shadow Linus blanket.

Of course, now I have to decide which two projects I’m going to move from the wannado list. Rogue and Ribby? I want me some sweaters, by gum. Yeah, yeah, technically I have five on the needles already—the castle blanket, the Candlelight moebius for SW Trading, the neverending sock project, and the shawl—but who lets technicalities stand in the way?

Perhaps this year I’ll change my focus and count projects by utility—one for SW Trading, a sock project, an at home only project (large or complex), one for me, and one for Linus. That way, when an exchange that’s just too, too tempting pops up, it won’t feel overwhelming to pick up just one more and do it. (Did I mention that the shawl is now behaving itself? It’s current incarnation has consumed all the bad small part, and I’m actually making progress, having passed the point where I had to rip before.)

Or perhaps I’ll let the sweater stash marinate for a little longer, while I finish the shawl (which has a deadline) and the castle blan (which has been a UFO for way too long).

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