Friday, January 07, 2005

Another Day, Another Pattern

Today tastes like cucumbers, rice vinegar, and honey. Bitter and sweet and sour all carefully balanced together. Have fixated on hot and sour soup--may make that for lunches next week.

Met with Terpsichore this evening. She went gaga for the black and blue scarf and has plans to use it in a new promotion/kit. She also loved the blue off the shoulder tank and wants to send it off to a national magazine NOW NOW NOW to go in the summer issue. Yah, summer in January--and the deadline is Tuesday!

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy meeting with her? (Only about a billion times, Spike.) I'll mention it again--I had to pull off into a parking lot on the drive home to note down some of the ideas that were flying around in my head before they could take wing.

One of the hardest projects I ever did was when I was graduating with honors from college. You had to take a series of seminars and jump through another set of hoops, and the final hoop was to create a thesis. In the classes before mine, they did assigned topics and presentations (you know the stuff, "End world hunger," "We can all get along," other highly idealistic plans and solutions that work just fine as long as people adhere to Rousseau's theory of the noble savage and remain innately good.) However, in my class they simply said, "So. Tell us what you've learned."

Being good little spoon fed drones, we asked, "How?"

And the answer came back, "Any way you can. What have you learned over the past four years?"

So there were acts of plays written for this, there were speeches, there was music composed, etc. etc. etc. And that was probably the most useful lesson I received, in that I found out that I am bound and determined to make EVERYTHING harder than it has to be.

I asked Terpsichore what she would like to see, and she whips out an idea or three, then asks what I like to do. Well . . . I like lace, I enjoy stranded colorwork, I like mosaics and some modular knitting--if it's well-fitted. "Here," she says, bundling some oddballs into my hands. "Go play, and see what you come up with." And here I am, worried about making it fashionable enough, where her concerns really are having patterns that look awesome and showcase her yarns and what makes them special.

So--off to write up the patterns (truth be told, it's more like decode the patterns from scribbly bits with strikeouts and asterisks to indicate insertions [often on completely separate pages, mind] and long rambly parts like this)and email them off to their new home. I know I promised pics of the just finished work in situ, and really, they'll be up soon.

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