Monday, December 27, 2004

What Would be Missing . . .Part Two

Today tastes grey and thin, like stale cookies and dusty ribbon candy. And those raspberry manque candies, the ones that are a hard candy (boiled sweet) shell over a nuggest of chewy red goo. Someone may have thought berry thoughts in the general vicinity, and another person may have whispered the word "Raspberry" on the factory floor, but that's the closest connection between the flavors and the name.

Is this year OVER yet? This week always feels like the leftovers of the proceeding year, after you've made soup and hash and croquettes and tetrazzini . . . and are still facing a mountainous carcass to be et through before you can make something fresh.

Speaking of recycled ideas, here's the second installment of the list. (You can look at part one here.) I may actually GET to one hundred.

26. Solace during the bad times
27. The joy of endless research
28. The pleasures of the obscure
29. Shawls—the grown up version of the woobie blan
30. Wool socks that fit perfectly
31. Bright colorful socks for winter days
32. A yoga practice
33. Friendly stranger acquaintanceships wherever I settle
34. Hope for the future
35. Equanimity
36. Having enough—and knowing it!
37. I never would have called Australia to get a certain book
38. I never would have stopped at the store in Scotland that sells the yarn Harris tweed is woven from
39. I never would have know why Harris tweed was such a big deal, except it’s a name, like “Missoni”
40. I never would have know why Missoni was such a big deal, ‘cos all I would have seen is their Target junk
41. Beaded stitch markers—exactly the way I like ‘em!
42. My willingness to jump in and get my hands dirty while I build skills
43. The fish yarn end bags—too much fun to make and use!
44. An appreciation for what can be done just a few minutes at a time
45. A non-food related source of joy
46. Cool pens
47. A desire to decorate my world
48. The wool-silk blend purple lace scarf I’m wearing as I type this
49. The laughs at particularly horrid in jokes (“Llama’s llama, taste of llama; Llama, llama, duck!”)
50. The newest coolest timewasters!

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