Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Quick and the Dead

Today tastes like peanut shells, ballpoint ink, and fog.

California is sending us a huge weather mass that has been dripping down on me all day. The clouds are pregnant with water and leak as they plod across the sky. One of the partners called in to touch base and asked what was going on. Nothing, I told him. Nothing, but the fog has rolled in and squatted down like it means business.

Some projects whip up quickly; so quickly that by the time it enters your mind to drop a progress post, well, they're done. This scarf is one of those; the pattern should move like hotcakes. The points of the scarf stand up and flare like a collar when it's on, and hang in interesting zig-zags down the torso. The bias of the mesh means it crushes down admirably, and it's a weekend project.

1 comment:

Pollyanna said...

Muppet merkin! Sounds cozy, adorable. You didn't specify if it's an original design....Your twin set was "accepted", you said, but do you know if/when it will be published?
I'm musing, when you tell me more about the scarf, whether I want mine in blue, like Cookie Monster, or maybe purple, as Miss Piggy would doubtless choose.