Friday, December 10, 2004

Party Post-Mortem

Today tastes like egg nog and espresso and petis fours. Really good petis fours, not the cheap nasty kind that feel like sand in the mouth.

Nice party last night--ran into an old friend from years gone past who took up knitting. She's such a new knitter, she hasn't learned to bind off yet!!! So I see her making this fifty foot long scarf . . . hopefully someone will give her a hand soon.

Terpsichore loved the twinset and especially loved the idea that it was worked to fit the wearer instead of an aribitrary range of sizes. We'll see how it goes when it comes time to estimate yardage. I guess I'll note here that for a 12-14 it took 12 balls of Bamboo to make the set.

We got to talking about photographing it, and she asked if I'd be willing to be the model on the pattern, since I made the prototype to my measure. What could I say, but "sure?"

So Sunday I'll meet with their house photographer, and we'll probably go to the park where First Consort Gareth and I had our wedding photos snapped. There's a big blue tile structure like something you'd see in the old Star Trek TV show being used as an alien sacrifical altar, or with a scantily-draped green stuffed bikini lounging throatily upon it, waiting for Kirk to make his entrance and enact the love scene. Much more of an interesting backdrop than the functional warehouse or blue screen.

Next project--an electric blue tank with a fun fur collar. It'll be almost off the ahoulder, with waist and bust shaping. Pictures Monday.

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