Tuesday, October 12, 2004

All Apologies

Am beginning to see why the knitting bloggers are often caught apologizing for the lack of photos or the paucity of posts . . . it's hard to combine obsessive hobbies sucessfully.

Below, although it looks more like a huge crocheted key, is a design for Southwest Trading Company in thier yummiferous Bamboo. I love this stuff. Drapes like linen, with the same heavy cool hand . . . and of course, if a stitch gets away from you it runs like sweat off a marathoner in mile 23. (Transparent? Moi? Like a window, baby.)

Crochet? Why yes, I am bilingual, thankee muchly. Besides, from what I see, crochet is poised to become the new knitting. (So if knitting was the new yoga, is crochet the new Pilates? The new step aerobics? The new Tae Bo?)

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