Wednesday, October 06, 2004

not playing by the rules . . . again

This was of course, too long for the profile, but too much fun to consign to ether oblivion. Promise the next post will indeed be the obligatory "origin of the blog" post.

Random Question:
The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig:

The frog peered mournfully into the mirror, the corners of his mouth turned down. Well, they were always turned down. He was a frog, after all, and had no choice in the matter.

"The babes just don't flock to me like they once did," he complained. "They say things like 'slimy', and 'squishy', and 'sick (but not in the good way)', and other things beginning with 's'."

The stork looked at him thoughtfully. "Perhaps if you had a full flowing head of hair . . ." he said.

"Hair?" snorted the frog. "I'm a frog. How could I possibly have hair?"

"With hair," answered the stork, "with hair, they would believe you were indeed a handsome prince under a spell. With hair, they would take you from the pond, lay you on their pillows for a night, and kiss you. Ah, if only you had hair."

"Where could i get hair?" continued the frog, mournfully.

"I could help," suggested the stork. "I could give you this wig." And here he plucked it out from under his wing. "You could wear it, and no one would know any different. You would have hair."

"Give it me!" Cried the frog, hopping from foot to foot in excitement. "Give it me!"

And the stork dropped the wig over the frog, then scooped it back up, with the frog tangled in the luxuriant locks. The wig was was over frog's eyes and in his mouth, so he could not see nor cry out for help until he was dropped into stork's cooking pot. And then it was too late.

Moral of the story--never trust someone who promises to make you into something you aren't. Even if it's something you really want to be.

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fleegle said...

Waaaaaaah! Poor frog! WaaaaaaaaH That was mean!