Wednesday, October 13, 2004

window on my world

Today tastes like olives and vinegar and oranges--sweet, musky and sharp. Nostalgic with a touch of winter to come.

Met friends for dinner at a Turkish restaurant and kicked myself for forgetting the camera. Laid it out with fresh batteries, then turned my back.

Would have had shots of rugs, pillows, and the vase of Cthulhu in the corner. A dull sullen brass thing about the size of a toddler, with multi-colored tentacles crawling out of the top and oozing down the sides. And they had Turkish socks on the wall, triangle toes and tarantula patterns, afterthought heels and all. Damn.

Ironically, they have a blue ward-off-evil blue eye insignia hung so it watches ever so carefully over the vase of Cthulhu. Do you think they maybe sense something's up?

So tonight's window on my world is of Greer, AZ. The husband, Gareth, and I spent our first get away from the roommates weekend together up there, and were married in the cabin his family maintains in that part of the world. We went up one last time (for the season) just a few weeks ago.

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