Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Middle of the Muddle

Today tastes like fried bananas, homemade aioli, and lambs' quarter greens. A dish of disconcertion.

Work has been verra verra busy. Just because I have a short week does not mean the work takes a breather. It's good on the one hand, 'cuz I need to take Friday morning off to be available to let workmen in to install a garage door opener, and i would like to save vacation time for fun stuff. Like Italy.

It's bad on the other hand because I have no paucity of stuff to do--and the Big Bad Muse is rattling the cage door. Having nice clean spaces and having gone through the stashes to put stuff away has made him realize all the nifty cool toys right under her nose. I wanna do this, and I wanna do that, and I wanna, I wanna, I wanna.

The local knitting guild is having a surprise party this weekend, and while I'm looking forward to hanging with them for a while, I'm still aware of the amount of time that will be spent driving to and from the party location. In this city, everything is about an hour away, unless it's close enough to walk to. So--two hours on the road, just getting there and getting home.

I finished up a couple of projects over the weekend--the Castle Blan has all its ends woven in, as does another unphotoed blan, and the Sunshine and Shadow--and now the muse has got a taste for finishing--but all the works in progress are either just begun (so no chance of that for a while) or use smallish thread (again, not gonna get done now or even soon) or have great long honkin' rows that take an hour to work across. Once.

Too bad I can't attract the finishing bug when I have several at the hoplessly three-quarters mark so I could just push it and get the last little bits complete.

I have my fingers in a number of ATC swaps, but either have sent the cards and have nothing left but to wait on the Post Orifice to spit out my share; or the deadline is weeks and weeks away, so I don't feel a push to get in the garage and move on it. Of course, I do want to go out there and fiddle with bits and dribs of paper in a non-focused way--but right now I am so nonfocused (gee, you couldn't tell??) that I don't think it make anything but quaternary pieces. (Lapsing into color theory--if red and blue and yellow are primary, and green and orange and purple are secondary, while teal and red-orange and magenta are tertiary, what are the quaternaries? Mud. Today tastes like quaternary colors.)

I think it's time to hang this up and take a nap.

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