Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Wake Me When It's May

Today tastes of citrus, sharp and tingling.

It was warm and balmy this past weekend—almost shorts weather! So it seems like a betrayal for the temperature to get back to winter norms (and those of you who are reading in an area where Centigrade and Fahrenheit thermometers read the same, stop snickering at the shivering ‘Zonie.)

I’ve been looking wistfully at the wool stash, thinking of sweaters and gloves. Started a cardi for me me me but will not be posting progress pics, as it’s black. And ribbed. What can I say, I was thinking about warmth. Right now, I can’t wait till summer and cold lemonade.

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Annie said...

DH spent the weekend in Phoenix and said it was fantastic. Not sure if he was talking about the weather, the city or the conference... He says it's about a six hour drive from Las Vegas...So I'm thinking that at some point we'll have to organize a lefter-coast version of the COTFU picnic. Hope you had a good weekend!