Monday, February 28, 2005

Where Does It All Go???

Today tastes like heffeweitzen and cinnamon. Malty, sweet with wheat and spice--but not recommended. It's rather off-putting.

Where does the weekend go? We spend four and a half days looking forward to it (Friday I'm too busy getting wrapped up to contemplate the evening of following my own agenda to much concern myself with anticipation) and then whooosh--down the rabbit hole and it's over; going down a slide in darkness, landing in a cushiony pile of foam, blinking in the bright dawn of Monday morning.

Saturday the guild threw a surprise party for one of the founding mothers (her 70th; one of those significant birthdays. I wonder if any birthday ever has the moment I recall from my 10th--this was the last one where I could express my age on my fingers. I wasn't going to be a kid anymore.) I had a better time with the girls than I can remember in a while. Perhaps I needed togivethat relationship some space so I could appreciate them for who and what theyare, not what I wish they were.

In part the surprise was that we were able to pull it off--Jackie has a finger in every pie the Guild has to offer. And none of us is particularly skilled at holding on to good news. One member gave up buying gifts in advance for her family because she SO wanted to see their reactions to what she was giving! And Jackie related that she wasn't feeling very birthday festive, so almost pulled out of the plans! (She had been told a handful of the girls were taking her to a luncheon.)

So that took up much of Saturday morning and afternoon. And then Saturday evening was the annual Winter's End party. First Consort Gareth asked if I wanted to go, and I told him "Yes, but I know that if I get changed and drive over there, within fifteen minutes I'll be wishing I was home again. I think I only want to go because I'm not there."

I spent the evening embroidering ATC's instead. The Big Bad Muse has caused my greedy little magpie mind to write checks my busy little fingers may have trouble cashing. Oh, but there's so many cool ideas for themes, and cool stuff for cards, and and and and . . .

And my dance card is so full for March and April I don't dare even whisper of another commitment. I'm doing my best simply to note down fun ideas, and then as i romp in the stash, I do a series here and there. What the hell, there's any number of continuous swaps around and about, so all my cards will find homes somewhere, whether sent as a theme to be broken up, or as bits and pieces.

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